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The Ultimate Guide to Rail Biking in Korea

Three and a half years ago I was obsessed with Pinterest (who hasn’t been at some point, right?!) and spent hours searching for things to add to my Korea Bucket List pinterest board. One day I found a pin about rail biking in Korea and immediately my heart was set on doing it. Unfortunately, the southeast corner of Korea where I live doesn’t have a single place to rail bike so it took me a very long time before I could make my dream a reality.

A few months ago we discovered we had booked a hotel close to a rail bike after doing a facebook check-in and seeing 레일바이크 (Korean for rail bike) in the list of choices. We went and I have to say that rail biking was just as fun as I had imagined… I loved it! As soon as I posted a photo of my experience on my blog’s facebook page, I immediately had people wanting to know how they could rail bike too.

I decided to put my Naver (Korea’s Google alternative) skills to work so I could to compile a list of all of the rail bikes in Korea. (Disclaimer: I know enough Korean to get by in certain situations, but I am by no means fluent so please excuse any gaps in my research.)

Rail biking is a very popular thing to do and the tickets do book up sometimes days in advance. We highly recommend booking tickets ahead of time. I wouldn’t count on being able to buy tickets the same day you want to rail bike. In fact, we have had several experiences trying to do just that and being turned away.

Each location varies, but expect to spend about 10-15,000 won per person and the ride is usually anywhere from 20-45 minutes.

The following list is sorted alphabetically by province.



Jeongseon Rail Bike ‘A Grasshopper’s Dream’ Cafe

Samcheok Ocean Rail Bike

Wonju Rail Park



Jeju Island