The Happiest Place in Hong Kong

After spending most of the afternoon hanging out with Big Buddha, we decided to go to Disneyland. We took the subway to the end of the line and waited for the Disney train to come. It was covered in Mickey heads!

I was really excited about going to Disneyland because I have never been to a Disney park back in the States.

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Who’s the most popular man in Hong Kong?

Big Buddha, of course!

One of the most famous sites in Hong Kong is a Big Buddha statue that is nestled so far up in the mountains that it takes a 25 minute cable car ride to get there! I was really apprehensive about going because I am scared of heights and cable cars really freak me out. I decided to suck it up because I don’t know if I’ll ever be back in Hong Kong.

If I could give one piece of advice for someone that wants to take the cable car to Big Buddha, it would definitely be to buy your tickets online in advance! When we went, the site was down so we couldn’t, but I really wish we could have. Because it was during the week of Chinese New Year, the line was many HOURS long (I’d guess at least 3-4)!

When we were in line, a woman asked us if we would like to buy a year pass and skip the line. Don’t even ask me how much that cost, but Dave said he’d rather do that than wait in line, so we did.

We could feel people staring us down as we were escorted straight up to the ticket counter. We just had to fill out a bit of paperwork, buy our passes and then wait in a much shorter line. I think the whole process took us about an hour.

The views from the cable car were truly amazing! And it was very sturdy so I handled the trip pretty well.

Once at the top, we had to walk past loads of shops and restaurants. We saw this cute little kitty.


And we also got to see another Lion Dance. This one was really impressive when you think about the fact that each lion only contains 2 guys and they have to be perfectly synched!

Then we headed through the massive gate…

BigBuddha-5And followed the signs to Big Buddha.



Almost there!

And then we hiked the 260 steps to the top!

BigBuddha-15It was pretty remarkable and I’m so glad I overcame my fear to see this!

Hong Kong – Where Lions Dance in the Street!

We decided to walk around Central, Hong Kong on the day of Chinese New Year.

Hong Kong

It was pretty quiet, but we did happen across a lion dance, which was really fascinating.

We were really happy to find this cute little pottery shop. We bought a full tea set for just $20 (US)!

pottery shop

Next, we headed to Mong Kok to check out the sites.


It was really great day!

Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

I got to cross something off of my bucket list in February 2013. We went to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year!

As you can imagine, Hong Kong was packed and so were all of the tourist attractions. We had been to Hong Kong previously for a weekend getaway, but the weather was bad so we didn’t bother with The Peak or the Big Buddha because we knew the views would have been terrible. Fortunately, we had fantastic weather most days this time around!

Our first big outing was The Peak. There is a tram that takes you up the to the top, but we knew the line would be hours long and the tram would be cramped so we decided to take a taxi. It was the right decision!

There’s a mall at the top so we did a bit of browsing and then headed out to enjoy the views.

The top of The Peak

The Peak4The Peak2

We headed back to the hotel in the early evening to try to reserve the best place in the house to watch the fireworks.

Dave FW

I think it was worth the wait!

fw4 fw3 fw2 fw1

Year of the Snake


Nooks & Crannies

We are currently camped out behind a stairwell in the Grand Club on the top floor of the Hyatt in Hong Kong while waiting for the Chinese New Year fireworks to start. We are trying to be quiet so no one finds our secret hiding spot (we were tipped off by the helpful man who checked us in). Happy Chinese New Year, y’all!


The view from above…

This morning we woke up, had breakfast and I made my way to the spa for a facial. While I was being pampered, Dave swam some laps. We were going to have another lazy day, but the weather was so nice that we decided to venture out to The Peak. There is a tram that takes you up to the top, but we decided to skip the long wait and take a taxi. The top is 428 meters (1404.2 feet) above sea level.

It was much clearer today than yesterday so the views were really great!

The top of The Peak

The top of The Peak

Hong Kong

It’s crazy how fast the time is flying by. Dave and I decided to spend Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day in Hong Kong this year. Today was our first full day here and we did NOTHING. The most exciting thing we did today was walk to Subway to pick up dinner. It was a great day!


A year in photos – Day 43


Sunday, April 8


It’s time to say goodbye to Hong Kong. I’m so sad. Back to reality…

A year in photos – Day 42


Saturday, April 7


The weather was a bit better today so we got out to do some sightseeing. I am loving Hong Kong and I am really looking forward to coming back.