Things To Do Before Death

Here’s a little list of things I want to do before I die.

My Bucket List
Graduate University (2010)
Live overseas for at least one year (2011-present)

Teach English in Korea EPIK

Lived in Korea February 2011 – Present

Travel to 6 continents (3 to go!)
Visit all 50 US states
Do the Route 66 road trip
Ride in a hot air balloon
Sleep in a light house
Wade in a cranberry bog
Stomp grapes with my feet
See the Aurora Borealis
Milk a cow
Learn to speak Spanish
Run a 5k
Get better at photography and editing (working on it!)
Ride a camel
RIde an elephant
Go scuba diving
Volunteer on a regular basis
Meet someone famous
Regularly perform Random Acts of Kindness
Attempt to learn to knit
Fly first class on an international flight
Get a makeover from a stylist
Get out of debt
Go to the airport and take the next random flight somewhere

Celebrate with the locals…
Chinese New Year in China (2013)

Chinese New Year 2013 Hong Kong

Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, 2013

St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
Mardi Gras in New Orleans
Groundhog’s Day in Punxsutawney, PA
See Cherry Blossoms in Japan (2013)

Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto Japan

Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto, 2013

Lantern Festival, Thailand
Carnival, Brazil
2016 Olympics, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Kentucky Derby

7 thoughts on “Things To Do Before Death

  1. I’ve only done 3 of the things on your list, but 2 of them are ones that are not crossed out yet. I have ridden an elephant and i have seen the Aurora Borealis. I also got out of debt (although I am slight back in now, it’s not that much and I will be out again soon). “Wade in a cranberry bog”? What’s up with that? I attempted to make a list like this before, but it was not as complete as yours and you have more interesting stuff. I guess i don’t know enough about the goings on in the world to know what to put down. I think I’ll make another attempt at it and steal some of your ideas because almost all of the seem interesting to me (I have no desire to learn to knit or have a makeover). I also ran a 5K once, but nothing official. I couldn’t do it now (too old and too fat). Okay I guess I’ll look for one more story to read before I go back to working on my own blog.

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