Life In Texas & Questions Answered

snow in texas

First of all, Texas… Where am I?! This weather is a little crazy for us. According to my Nana, “It’s just pouring snow!” which is an expression I’ve never heard before. This is day 4 of being stuck at home. A friend of mine posted some pictures and a video of herself ice skating on her driveway… no, serioulsy…

snow in texas

But now all of that ice is covered up with snow, and Nana and I took advantage of that today. We set out to make a snowman, but the snow was too powdery for that.

snow in texassnow in texassnow in texas snow in texas

Here’s our snowman attempt. Pretty pathetic. It’s just a snow blob, really.

snow in texas

This is what snow boots look like in Texas. haha

snow in texas

And after all of the fun outside, we came inside and Nana made us some hot chocolate. I’m going to miss her.


korean won

A few of you asked about the won so I thought I would go into a little more depth about the benefits of working in South Korea. EPIK Program salary and benefits consist of the following:

  • Roundtrip airfare reimbursement (must complete contract)
  • 300,000 won settlement allowance
  • Monthly salary
  • Severance pay equal to one month’s salary per year worked
  • Free furnished housing
  • 2 years tax exemption
  • 50% of mandatory medical insurance premiums
  • 50% of compulsory pension plan contribution
  • 10-day EPIK Orientation

Click on the chart below to see a larger image of the EPIK Pay Scale.

So now I guess you all really want to know how much 2 million won is worth in US Dollars… right? I’ll be making about $1,800 a month. I know that’s not a lot, but I won’t have to pay rent and since I don’t have a car in South Korea I won’t have to pay for gas or car insurance. I have been told that I can easily set aside half of my income every month. If I had taught somewhere in Europe I wouldn’t have even made half of what I will make in Korea and I would have to pay for airfare and rent.

Thank you all so much for the comments and subscriptions yesterday! Keep them coming! Some of you had problems with the subscription feature. If you didn’t get a confirmation email then it probably didn’t work, and you’ll need to sign up again. Check back tomorrow. I’ll be posting that blog about Busan that I promised I was going to post today. haha

6 thoughts on “Life In Texas & Questions Answered

  1. This has been a crazy winter all over the country. I have never seen so much snow in my life. I’m sick of it, but because we have so much, I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing it until April…or May. Blah.

    Thanks for the explanation on the won. Enjoy living rent free for the year!

  2. I can’t believe that Texas is harboring more snow than Ohio right now. That’s so crazy to me. Isn’t T-town supposed to be WARM!? Anyways at least now you can sit by the fire and sip on a little hot chocolate while nibbling on some delectable texas toast bits 🙂

    PS- your headband/cold weather ear warmer/hair thingy is so freaking cute.

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