I wrote this on the plane…

Let me start by saying this is, by far, the biggest plan I have ever been on. It’s a double decker! I was lucky enough to score an aisle seat (I originally was supposed to have a window seat). You just don’t know how great that is when the flight is 14 hours long. As I’m writing this, we are at the halfway point.

I’m flying Korean Air and I’ve been pretty impressed so far. When I got to my seat I had a pillow, blanket and bottle of water waiting for me at my seat, as well as a cute little zipper pouch that contains a toothbrush and some disposable slippers. The service has been great and the flight attendants are adorable.

The days and hours leading up to my departure were overwhelming. I’d say overwhelmed has been my most used word lately. Last night I decided to pull an all nighter. I hadn’t finished packing, but I had enough packed that I was confident that I could get everything done. I can say now that putting packing off was the worst mistake I’ve made in quite some time. I could not fit everything I wanted to take into my suitcases. It was awful. I didn’t sleep at all. I didn’t have anything to eat or drink and I was having extreme anxiety over my packing situation. I worked myself up so much that I felt physically ill. It was not a good morning. After a VERY stressful night, I finally finished packing and went to IHOP in the morning with some of my family, but I felt so bad that I didn’t get to enjoy them… or breakfast. It’s been really hard to say goodbye to everyone. I’m going to miss everyone a lot!

My bags are so heavy that I actually have bruises on my arms from lugging them around the airport. My large suitcase was definitely over the weight limit, but luckily they never said anything to me about it. Hopefully it gets overlooked on my next flight also (it did).

I was really not sure how the plane ride was going to go since I felt so sick this morning. I’m prone to motion sickness already so I was worried that my anxiety would multiply the effect. Surprisingly, the flight has gone well. My butt is a little sore, but I feel fine. And I finally ate! It’s been pretty exciting. Each seat has a TV on the back that has movies, music and games. So far I started watching Red, but couldn’t get into it, and I watched The Social Network. I’m trying to decide if I want to watch Megamind or Scott Pilgram next. It’s kind of funny because usually on planes I don’t want anyone to talk to me, but I’m feeling very chatty. The people around me keep to themselves so I haven’t been bothering them. I guess I’m just excited about my new journey that I want to share my excitement with others. Ohhhh well!

When I get to Incheon Airport (ICN) I will go through customs and get my bags and head over to the Spa on Air. I think it’s in the basement (?). It’s about $20 and they have communal sleeping areas and there are also private rooms that you can rent for an additional fee. I am really hoping I can keep this blanket that the airline gave me just in case they don’t provide them at the spa. I’m meeting up with 2 girls that I met on the EPIK Facebook group to stay at the spa. It’s nice not to have to do this on my own. Sadim and I get in around the same time (4:30) and we are going to meet up with Andy around 7. Hopefully we can store our luggage somewhere and then walk around because I seriously have wayyyy too much to be lugging all around. My large suitcase weights around 55 lbs and my smaller case weighs just under 40 pounds. Even my carry on bags are about 20 pounds each, and I have 2 jacket and a pillow as well.

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3 thoughts on “I wrote this on the plane…

  1. Girl, you were a nervous wreck at ihop. Didn’t even enjoy your short stack :/.

    I’m glad things are falling into place!

    Did you get to keep the blanket?!?!

  2. Glad to know that you are enjoying everything so far. Mikki and I miss you alot He slept in your doorway on Tues night. Love you – Nana

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