Night Out in Seomyeon

Friday, March 11

My weekends in Korea have been super busy. We usually have the next week’s plans set at least a week in advance. A big group of us usually gets to dinner on Friday night so we can vent about our long week of teaching. It’s really interesting to hear all of the stories because we all have incredibly different situations at our schools. One of the girls has incredible co-teachers, but her school is a bit clingy. They take her out for food almost daily and take her on tours of the city. Another girl has a co-teacher that tends to be rude and it really seems like a terrible relationship. Hearing all of these stories makes me feel like I was very fortunate. My school is really nice, the teachers I work with are great and I have become great friends with one of the teachers at my school.

Dinner that night was excellent. We had Korean BBQ. This was my first experience with Korean BBQ and I loved it! After dinner, we popped over to one of the palm reader stands across the street and had our palms read. Obviously, the lady only spoke Korean so we had our Korean friend translate for us. There were 4 of us crammed into the little booth with the palm reader. I can’t really remember what the lady told me other than I was about to come into some luck and that when I get married, I’m going to love my husband more than he loves me! Too funny!

Our friends went and got some waffles from a street vendor while they waited. These little gems are our favorite street food in Korea. They are freshly made waffles with whipped cream and honey inside and they are folded over like a sandwich. Yum!

Afterwards, we waited for some other friends to arrive and we watched a lady butcher some eels outside of a seafood restaurant. We literally saw the eel turned inside out. It was not a fun experience. Afterwards, when we walked by, the skinned eels were still moving around. It was pretty awful.

We all headed over to a place called WA-Bar. This place is unique. The bar is actually at your table. There’s a giant selection of beers and wine coolers and you just grab what you want and pay at the end.

The pictures are below. Click on any pic to see the full size image.

Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ

Palm Reader


Beth & Megan

1 thought on “Night Out in Seomyeon

  1. I’m so happy that you’re finding some Korean food that you like. You seriously must try bibimbap sometime soon (especially the dolsot version).

    I think I’d be put-off by the eel thing too. =/

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