Listening Test

Today I played a trick on my 5th grade  students. I told them we were going to have a listening test. It’s the end of the semester and the kids are sooo over tests. We’re all out of material to teach them so I was able to come up with my own fun lesson.

We did have a listening test, but it wasn’t your usual test. The students had to listen to my directions and draw what I told them to… with their notebooks on top of their heads.

Here they are hard at work…

The students loved it! They moaned and groaned the whole time, but they laughed so hard when they saw their drawings. I enjoyed it a lot, too.

I asked my last class if it was easy or hard and their response was, “Teacher! Hard! But fun!”

Listening Test

1. In the center of the paper, draw a lake.

2. On the left side of the lake, draw a house.

3. The house has 4 windows.

4. Draw a big door on the house.

5. Draw a fish in the lake.

6. Draw a car on the right side of the house.

7. Draw grass in front of the house.

8. Draw a child on the grass.

9. Draw a dress on the child.

10. Draw a necklace on the child.

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