Only in Korea…

Things I’d never say back home:

“Wow, that little boy looks different without a perm!”

This has been a fun week so far. The first day of the new semester was last Thursday, but I didn’t get to teach until this Monday. All I’m teaching this week is “My Summer Vacation.” I ask them about theirs and then I tell them about mine. Afterwards, they draw a picture of what they did and write a story. The end. I’m doing that for grades 3-6.

I have Friday – Wednesday off for Korean Thanksgiving, known as Chuseok. I have plans to go to Fukuoka, Japan on Friday and come home Monday. The flight is about an hour and cost me $225. There is also a ferry you can take from Busan, but it takes 3 hours. My friends booked that about a month ago, but I opted out because I get motion sickness and it was a bit expensive. They actually paid $100 more than I did for my flight so it worked out well for me. I am going alone, but I plan to meet up with other friends that will be in Fukuoka during the weekend.

I had some interesting conversations with students today. During one of my 3rd grade classes, a student decided to stop listening to what my co-teacher was saying so he could tell me, “Hello… you’re pretty!” He is now my new favorite 3rd grader. Also, after leaving lunch I ran into one of the 6th graders. His level is higher than most and he tends to get bored in class and only perks up when he can get into some kind of mischief. Here was our exchange:

6th grader: Hello.
Me: Hi. How are you?
6th Grader: Bad.
Me: How was your summer vacation?
6th Grader: Bad.
Me: Why?
6th Grader: I don’t know.
Me: Yes, you do.
6th Grader: I don’t want to tell you.
Me:  Why was it bad?
6th Grader: I don’t have a reason.

The whole time he had a sneaky little smirk on his face. He is funny so I enjoy pestering him. I also ran into him and some other 6th grade boys on my walk home one day. After a short chat with them I said bye and he responded with, “Bye! See you never!” Is it bad that I loved it?

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