Back to School

I’m going to attempt to do a few feature on my blog… weekly wrap ups. I guess most people would just call it updating on a regular basis.  I will be giving a weekly update of what goes on in my life. That way people at home can get a sense of what my day to day life is like, rather than just hearing about things I randomly throw up here.

Sunday, September 18

I was finally feeling a little better over the weekend (after having my ear surgery on Wednesday) so I did some much needed cleaning in my apartment and watched shows and movies online.

Monday, September 19

Monday was my first day back at school after being off for just over a week (for Chuseok and ear surgery).

6th grade student: Meagan Teacher! How are you feeling?
Meagan Teacher: I’m okay now.
6th grade student: I love you! [giant hug]

I saw the same girl again on her way to art class and she told me that it’s okay that I’m bad at art because I’m beautiful and art would be a drawing of my face.

Tuesday, September 20

On the back of a 3rd grade boy’s jacket: Bride Girl
It’s the small things in life that make me smile inside.

Every time I walk down the hall, almost every student I see says hi or hello to me. I heard that this was common before I came to Korea, but that the new would wear off and the kids wouldn’t care as much as time went on. That hasn’t happened at my school. The kids are as excited as ever to see me. In fact, on Tuesday as I was walking down the hall I was mobbed by 1st-3rd graders. I mean, literally surrounded by tens of tiny little people saying, “Meagan!” “Hiiii!” “Hello!” It was a bit overwhelming.

Wednesday, September 21

I have 4 classes of 5th graders that I teach every Wednesday and Thursday. I know you’re not supposed to have favorite classes, but I think every teacher does. For me, it’s 5th grade class 4. They are my last class of the day and they just make me feel like the Heavens have opened up just to shine down upon them. They are fun and they love English. They all participate and they answer questions with joy! Their level is overall fairly high so they understand more than other classes. On Wednesday they had a spelling test and they wanted to try to buy as much time as possible so they decided to ask me questions. It started with the typical “How are you?” Then, they asked me if I like tests.

Students: Do you like tests?
Meagan Teacher: Yes, I LOVE tests!
Students: [gasp] Teacher! Why?
Meagan Teacher: Why do I love tests? Because I am sooo SMART!
Students: [gasp and laugh] ……….Do you Korean knowing?
Meagan Teacher: No, I don’t speak Korean.
Students: If you so smart, why you don’t know Korean?

Touché, little ones. Touché.

Thursday, September 22

One of the hardest things about my job is when I see kids crying in the halls and the language barrier prevents me from providing any help or comfort to them. This happened to me on Thursday. I was walking to my English classroom when I passed by some 6th grade boys that were surrounding a girl that was crying. The boys stopped me by saying, “Teacher! She is cry.”

They tried to explain what happened. I think one of them was running and knocked her down on accident. I was proud of them for staying with her and actually caring that they hurt her. I didn’t know what to do so I just asked if she was okay. She didn’t respond so I just rubbed her back and said it was okay. She was still crying to I opted to hold her books and then after a few minutes I helped her up and she stopped crying. I asked her again if she was okay and she said yes and went on her way.

Friday, September 23

When asking a 6th grade class, “How are you?” one boy said “Not so good!” When I asked why, he started saying 똥 (poop) and ran out of the classroom.

My 6th grade students have started writing letters and postcards to 6th grade students in the United States. They are sooo excited to make new friends in America. The letters are adorable. I am worried that the class I was hoping to exchange letters with may flake on me, but I do have a backup plan though.

TGI Payday!!! I was down to 1,315 won (just over $1) in my bank account. I was in desperate need of that paycheck.

Saturday, September 24

On Friday afternoon when I went to the doctor he said “So you don’t have any plans for the weekend, right??” So I took that as his way of telling me that I need to take it easy. The only thing I did all day was buy some groceries, do laundry and clean.

1 thought on “Back to School

  1. I really enjoy reading about your journey, your kids make me smile and actually LOL with their pure innosense. Good luck in your healing process!!

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