One More Year

It’s official. I’ll be in Korea for one more year.

I found out last week that the new drug test results were normal. I guess whatever medications I was taking that were messing with my results were out of my system. I was very relieved!

I was supposed to go pick up my contract on Friday, but I got a call from the office of education saying that there were protesters outside their building (not sure why). They closed off the gates and weren’t letting anyone through. I had to overnight my medical results to them and they mailed me my contract this week.

I got my contract on Wednesday and on Thursday I went to the immigration office to extend my visa. It was a very simple process. I was in and out in 10 minutes. The visa extension was 30,000 won, but all of the medical checks and additional drug testing was 120,000 won. Basically, I spent about $140 to stay in Korea for another year.

I had the weirdest thing happen to me on the subway last night while I was on my way home from the immigration office!!

I almost passed out. It was really scary. The immigration office is pretty far away (14 stops and one transfer… about a 45 minute trip). I was in the subway… I was standing and I was all layered up because it was quite cold out. The further we went, the subway kept getting fuller and fuller. I started getting really hot until finally I decided to take off some of my layers. I started feeling weird so I just decided to put my coats and scarf on the little shelf above the seats. I probably should have gotten off and sat down, but I thought I could make it until the transfer station (3 stops away).

So as I stood there, I was getting really light headed. My vision started getting really fuzzy and dark. I could barely see at all. I put my phone in my purse so I didn’t lose it when I fell and then braced myself. Fortunately, we stopped before I passed out. I managed to grab my stuff and stumble out the doors. There was a bench right in front of me so I basically threw myself down and held my head in my hands. The Koreans were probably like WTF?!

So anyway, it was really, really scary for me. I think it’s kind of scary anyway to think about passing out in a public place (or at all), but especially on a crowded subway where no one speaks English. Plus, I was wearing a dress yesterday. Awkward! And I think sometimes Koreans would rather ignore things than get involved.

Good news was that I didn’t pass out. Bad news was that I was still 6 stops and a transfer from home. I just had to buck up and get back on the subway. I made it home okay and I feel pretty normal now, but it was kind of a crazy night.

1 thought on “One More Year

  1. Gee Meagan, I think a trip to the Dr is in order. I don’t things like that happens unless something is wrong. Please see a Dr!

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