I’m trying to catch up the blog so here’s a post from way back when.

I introduced Halloween to my students on Friday’s English Broadcast. I also invited them all to go Trick-or-Treating in the English classroom after lunch. The Trick-or-Treating turned out to be chaotic. I was passing out candy and JuHye was painting faces… and the other two English teachers never came. Actually, my head co-teacher did show up about 5-10 minutes before it was supposed to end. That was quite helpful because she was able to regain order. The kids go crazy for candy! They also really loved the Halloween goodies that Mary sent me. I had students begging for spider rings and bats. One boy kept begging me for a dragon and I had no idea what he was talking about. Apparently he thought the bats were dragons and he was not happy with me that he didn’t get one.

Thank you, Mary, for all of the wonderful Halloween goodies you sent for me and my students!



 After school I whipped up a delicious meal for Shanna and Jamie, the girls in my neighborhood. Thanks to care packages from home, Costco and Mega Mart, we had fajitas, tortillas, REAL cheese, salsa rice, Pace Picante Sauce and Dr. Pepper! It was so so good and tasted like home. I always loved to cook for other people and now I plan to do it at least monthly.

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