A year in photos – Day 179

Wednesday, August 22

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The vice principal announced that I was leaving during the morning broadcast on Wednesday so all of the students finally knew it was my last week. JuHye was teaching 1st grade that morning and one of the classes really wanted to say goodbye so I went down to say bye to them. There are 2 students in that class that LOVE me. One of them is this chubby boy. He is just the cutest thing and he yells my name and gets so excited every time he sees me.

At the beginning of my 5th grade classes I explained that it was my last class with them and that I was going home because my brother was getting married. Each class had the same reaction… silence. It was so weird! The 6th graders were so vocal and the 5th graders just sat there. Maybe they just didn’t have enough English to express themselves.

JuHye and I left work early to inventory my apartment. It’s pretty standard. The school has to make sure everything that was in the apartment when I got there is still there. Afterwards, we met up with all of my past and present co-teachers for one last dinner.

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