A year in photos – Day 195

Friday, September 7

Day 4

We started our day out with breakfast at the hotel.

Then Joni and I went down to the beach. She did a quick snorkel and then we looked around for shells. She was amazed by the air hoses that the hotels provide to get sand off of your feet.

While we waited for Dave to meet up with us, we had drinks at the hotel. I ordered a cherry-ade and it came in this adorable glass. Now I am obsessed with it and want a set of my very own.

When Dave got to Busan, we headed to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. It’s a stunning Buddhist temple that is right next to the sea. On the walk to the temple there are lots of vendors and statues. Dave and I are posing next to our year sign statues. I’m a rat and he’s an ox.

I love this picture!

We brought two jars of coins to throw into the wishing well.

I’ve heard that if you make it into the turtle’s bowl you get 1 wish and if you make it into the upper level you will get 2 wishes. I made it into the turtle and my coin bounced out of the bowl on the upper level.

This temple is gorgeous and is always busy. I love coming here and I was happy I got to show Joni around!

After the temple, we headed to the airport and flew to Jeju Island. More on that tomorrow!

1 thought on “A year in photos – Day 195

  1. Joni is friend or relative? The architecture is amazing. Busan is where you lived, right? Enjoy, it sure looks exciting, Meagan.

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