A year in photos – Week 4 in Texas

October 7-12

Days 225-230

I’m really mad at myself for not taking more pictures in Texas! I really had to scramble to find enough photos for my year in photos project. I think it was a combination of being so busy, breaking my point and shoot camera right before coming to Texas and not carrying my iPhone around because it only seemed useful when I had access to a wireless internet connection. I apologize for not having more photos of the place and people I love so very much.

Week 4 was my final week in Texas. Dave and I had a blast and we kept busy nearly every minute of every day. On Sunday we had an amazing brunch with my mom and Nana then went to see Kooza by Cirque du Soleil. The plot of the show was a little odd, but the tricks and performance were incredible! We loved it! On Monday we went to the State Fair of Texas with my mom, JJ, Jen, Mendi, Parker and Kenzie. We had a good time. We spent Tuesday at the mall and then had dinner with my dad and Sandy. Wednesday was another shopping day and then we went to the rehearsal and dinner. Thursday was JJ and Jen’s wedding. Dave and I did a bit more shopping on Friday, then frantically packed up 4 full boxes and shipped them back to Korea. That evening we had game night at Josh & Mendi’s. So many people showed up and we had a really great night. Everyone seemed to love Dave and I think he had a really good time in Texas, which I’m happy about.

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