Christmas & Beyond…

I had a really difficult time after coming back from Malaysia. The trip was simply amazing and I loved lounging by the pool with Dave everyday. When we got back to Korea, it was cold! I still didn’t really know much about Ulsan so I spent a lot of time alone in the apartment. I got into a major funk that put me in cranky mood most days and I started being a butthead to Dave. Thankfully, I have snapped out of that.

I have started going to coffee each Tuesday morning with a large group of expat wives. I started going to the gym most days. I’ve made a few friends. I still feel a bit lost in Ulsan, but the loneliness has subsided. I know I am blessed and have an amazing life and a wonderful boyfriend, but expat life does have its challenges.

I decided to postpone my photo a day project until the weather gets nicer. I just wasn’t getting out and I didn’t want to take boring photos. The whole purpose of the project is for everyone to be able to see what Korea is really like and that just wasn’t happening when I was spending most of my time in the apartment or at the gym.

My blog may be changing gears a bit in 2013. I have a busy year planned. I will be in a different country each month this year so that should keep things interesting around here. I just got back from Japan with a friend of mine that I made while teaching in Busan and next Friday Dave and I are heading to Hong Kong for Lunar New Year. Afterwards, I’m heading straight to Texas for a brief visit.

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