Flying EVA Air With Hello Kitty

I have a confession to make. We planned a trip to Taipei, Taiwan for the sole purpose of experiencing EVA Air’s Hello Kitty jet. A friend of mine shared an article about it on her Facebook sometime last year and it immediately went onto my bucket list. I can’t say I’m a die hard Hello Kitty fan, but I appreciate cute when I see it and this is cute!

Hello Kitty Jet Seoul Taipei

The check-in line at Incheon Airport in Seoul, South Korea was horrendously long and the staff seemed to be overly thorough, but it was hard to get irritated because we (okay, maybe just me) were so excited about our trip.

Hello Kitty Jet Seoul Taipei

Hello Kitty Jet Seoul Taipei

Everything about this flight screamed Hello Kitty, from the check-in signs, to the luggage tags, to the boarding passes!

Hello Kitty Jet Seoul Taipei

Once we got to the gate, we oohed and ahhed over the plane and then immediately stood in line to board. It was the smartest thing we could have done.

Hello Kitty Jet Seoul Taipei

We were the first economy passengers on the plane and it left us with plenty of time to snap lots of photos before the plane started filling up. If you are one of the last to board, you don’t get the full effect because all of the cute seat covers are covered by heads.

Hello Kitty Jet Seoul Taipei

It’s so nice that they give you pillows. I always love having a pillow when I fly with Dave because it gives me a comfortable cushion when I inevitably rest my head on his shoulder. Luckily, he doesn’t mind.

Hello Kitty Jet Seoul Taipei

While everyone boarded, a charming song and Hello Kitty animation played over all of the monitors in the back of the seats.

Hello Kitty Jet Seoul Taipei

One of my favorite non-Hello Kitty things about the flight was the safety video they played. Taiwanese animations are amazing and we thought the video was pretty funny.

And of course, there was more information on the Hello Kitty card in our seat back pockets.

Hello Kitty Jet Seoul Taipei

And if you’re feeling sick, Hello Kitty is there to comfort you.

Hello Kitty Jet air sickness bag

While I won’t rave about the food they served us on the flight, the presentation was pretty fantastic.

Hello Kitty Jet Seoul TaipeiAnd the flight attendants wore really adorable aprons during the meal service.

Hello Kitty Jet Seoul Taipei

Hello Kitty Jet flight attendant

After the meal, things on the plane felt pretty normal and you almost forgot you were on a Hello Kitty jet. That is, until you went to the bathroom. All of the toiletries were Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Jet bathroomAnd the toilet paper!

Hello Kitty Jet toilet paperOverall, we were really pleased with our experience with EVA Air. The flight was really smooth and the service was great. And the plane lived up to all of my expectations.

We also loved Taipei! The city was so much better than we expected and was the perfect place for a long weekend away from Korea.

One of the highlights of our trip was leaving though. That sounds harsh, but because EVA air is one of Taiwan’s leading airlines, Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport had even more Hello Kitty goodness, including an area dedicated to self check-in for all of the Hello Kitty jets. They have services from Taipei to Los Angeles, Seoul, Tokyo (Narita & Haneda), Sapporo, Fukuoka, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guam.

Hello Kitty Jet Taipei

Hello Kitty Jet check in

If one day you find yourself flying the Hello Kitty jet, be sure to head to the gate in time to browse through the Sanrio store and take lots of photos along the way.

Hello Kitty Jet Taipei Sanrio store

Hello Kitty Jet Taipei

You can find more information about the EVA Air’s Hello Kitty flights on their website.

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48 thoughts on “Flying EVA Air With Hello Kitty

  1. Meagan, I can remembera the Hello Kitty store at the mall. Your favorite place to go. You would spend an hour looking around for just that special thing you wanted to buy. Boy but does time fly. I
    miss that time so much. Nana

    • Yes, I LOVED Keroppi, the frog. I was always so overwhelmed with choices. When I didn’t have any money I wanted everything and when I had money to spend I couldn’t decide what I wanted (I’m still that way!). I remember that I wanted my first job to be at the Sanrio store in the mall and I was counting down the days until I turned 16. I think I was about 13 or 14 when they closed down and I was heartbroken.

  2. I love this! I’ve always been a big Hello Kitty fan. It was my favorite as a child and I’ve continued to love it. I had a Hello Kitty kitchen for years. In case you didn’t notice my initials are KH, Hello Kitty’s HK, backwards. I’ve also got Hello Kitty underwear my mom gave me for my birthday that say established in 1976 on the butt; the year I was born. As you can see, I need to go on a Hello Kitty flight. You better believe that once we get to SE Asia this will be happening!

  3. So cute! I have to admit I thought Hello Kitty was so stupid until I moved to Asia, now my iPhone case is Hello Kitty and it’s all I ever want decorating my phone haha. Must do this! Totally a “when in Asia” thing to do 🙂

  4. I’m SO jealous!!! I was really disappointed when my EVA Air flight to Taipei was just a regular plane and not the Hello Kitty plane! Everything is so CUTEE!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ I love your photos too.

    • Oh no! I feel your pain. I would be been crushed. You can specifically book the Hello Kitty flight on their website, but I know that sometimes people just book an EVA Air flight and are surprised when a Hello Kitty plane shows up. Now you have an excuse to go back, right?!

  5. I was a Sanrio fanatic growing up and I turned my now 10-year old daughter into one now too. We were so excited when they announced flights from LAX to TPE last month. We’re hoping to fly it next year. I’m not sure how much my husband and son can handle with all the pink goodness though. Thanks for sharing your flight experience. Love all the details on the plane. I’ll be sure to leave some room in my carry-on for souvenirs 🙂 What a fun flight!

    • It’s such a fun experience. If you take that flight, I’d love to hear how the long flight compares to the short flight I was on. Your daughter will love it! I was actually surprised at the mix of people on the plane. There were a bunch that you knew booked the Hello Kitty flight on purpose, but there were also business men.

  6. This looks like so much fun!! I loved Hello Kitty when I was younger (and obviously still do, I guess!) I would love to take this flight–I may have to look into it when we head there one day! What a surprise it would be if you didn’t know you were flying on this specific plane! I kind of want to book it without telling my husband and see his reaction, lol 🙂

  7. Jeepers cute overload!! I’m not sure I’m on board for mad pink kitty air but you never know!! Great post and congrats on ticking off a bucket list item!!

  8. I want to ride on this airplane just to go on the airplane, it doesn’t even have to fly anywhere! Great job capturing all of the details! I am thoroughly jealous!

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  10. Wow, I’ve heard of this plane, but I guess I didn’t expect it to be so decked out. I think my favorite part is the Hello Kitty barf bag. I think it would actually help me feel better!

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