How To Stay Warm in Winter

Dave got an email from KEB, his bank here in Korea, that provided some pretty interesting tips on how to stay warm during the cold Korean winters. We found it really amusing so I knew I had to share it with all of you.

How To Stay Warm in Winter by KEB

  • Scour your friend’s drawers for stray gloves, hats, mufflers, and any other wearable accessories, borrow them for 3 months, and return in April;
  • Knit your own muffler, hat or sweater: it’ll keep you indoors for days at a time and prepare you, well, for next winter;
  • Indulge in winter treats like hotteok, a fried, chewy, doughnut-like rice pastry; bunggeoppang, a piping-hot, fish-shaped pastry filled with red-bean paste; or keun koguma, crispy baked sweet potatoes;
  • Invest in a foot warmer (or two); they come in all shapes and sizes, from huge fuzzy ladybugs to thin heated insoles that slip inside your boots;
  • Spend a few hours at a Korean bathhouse; Jjimjilbang bathing pools range from warm to skin-searing hot (tip: water temperature is posted on the wall). After you’ve turned to a shriveled prune, unwind in the dry sauna;
  • Sign up for KEB’s Internet Banking, and take care of your banking needs from the warm comfort of your own home (okay, we’ll admit this is a bit of cheerleading, but it makes sense, doesn’t it?)

7 thoughts on “How To Stay Warm in Winter

  1. Haha oh KEB. I prefer the “eat hotteuk and get fat for winter” method. I’m from California so I don’t even have a winter wardrobe, I finally had to break down and buy a big jacket this week! Anyway, happy holidays! 🙂

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