Daegu Bodypainting Festival Turns Nearly Nude Models into Exquisite Works of Art

Daegu Bodypainting Festival | LifeOutsideOfTexas.comEvery year artists from all over the world gather in Daegu, South Korea to compete in the Daegu International Bodypainting Festival. The entire festival is so fascinating because you can watch the models’ bare skin transform into gorgeously painted canvases in a matter of hours.

The festival is broken up into two categories: Bodypainting and Fantasy Make-up. In the bodypainting competition, the models are nearly naked; most only wear underwear and tape over their breasts. The artists are given six hours to complete their masterpiece. The participants are judged on technique, originality and overall completion.

We were really amazed at how patient the models were while they were being painted. Not only were they being painted, but they were being watched, pointed at and photographed by spectators. Most of the participants just ignored the crowds and ate or played on their phones, but a few spent the entire six hours posing for every. single. photo.

At the end of the six hours the models proceeded to the stage to present their costumes to the crowd and judges. The winners were split into a top 3 and then three additional participations won an “prize for encouragement” which I assume is similar to honorable mention.

Bodypainting Prize for Encouragement Winners

Kim Sun Me (김선미), Korea (Prize: 1.0 Million Won in cash)

Lee Hye Mi (이혜미), Korea (PRIZE: 1.0 MILLION WON IN CASH)

Jin Hyun Yong (진현용), Korea (PRIZE: 1.0 MILLION WON IN CASH)

Top 3 Bodypainting Winners

First Place –  Fray Scott, USA (Prize: Trophy + 10.0 Million Won in cash)
Model – 3rd place photogenic model (PRIZE: 300,000 WON IN CASH)

Second Place – Lee Ah Young (이아영), Korea (PRIZE: TROPHY + 5.0 MILLION WON IN CASH)

Third Place – Yoon Ji Hyun (윤지현), Korea (PRIZE: TROPHY + 3.0 MILLION WON IN CASH)

The fantasy make-up competition focuses on elaborate costumes. Because the whole body isn’t painted, the time limit for the fantasy make-up competition is only 4 hours and the participants are judged on technique, originality and use of costume.

The fantasy make-up competition presentation was actually a lot of fun to watch, but almost a little unsettling. The models had to wear huge dresses, outrageously high heels and giant headdresses, which made them incredibly clumsy on stage. There were lots of wobbles and almost trips, but overall I thought the models did incredibly well considering the circumstances.

Fantasy Make-Up Prize for Encouragement Winners

(PRIZE: 500,000 WON IN CASH)

Top 3 Fantasy Make-Up Winners

FIRST PLACE –  Seo Ye Won (서예원), Korea (Prize: Trophy + 3.0 Million Won in cash)

Daegu Bodypainting Festival | LifeOutsideOfTexas.com

Second PLACE – An Mi Ri (안미리), Korea (prize:Trophy + 2.0 Million Won in cash)

Daegu Bodypainting Festival | LifeOutsideOfTexas.com

third PLACE -Kang Shuting, China (Prize:Trophy + 1.0 Million Won in cash)

Daegu Bodypainting Festival | LifeOutsideOfTexas.com

The festival is located at Kolon Field Concert Hall inside Duryu Park in Daegu. If you plan on driving, pick your parking spot wisely. Last year there was also a Miss Korea event taking place in Duryu Park. We got what we thought was a fantastic parking spot on the side of the road, only to come out at the end of the night to find another row of cars had formed right next to ours. Luckily, we were able to hop the curb and reverse down the sidewalk, otherwise we would have been stuck there for quite a while longer.

Admission: Free

2014 Dates: August 30-31

Address: Kolon Field Concert Hall inside Duryu Park
Daegu, Dalseo-gu, Duryu-dong, 588
Subway: Line2 – Duryu station, about 20 minutes on foot from exit 9,10,11,12
Bus : #653

Website: 2014 Daegu International Bodypainting Festival

Please let us know in the comments if you found this post helpful or if you plan to attend the bodypainting festival.

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27 thoughts on “Daegu Bodypainting Festival Turns Nearly Nude Models into Exquisite Works of Art

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  3. That’s some insane talent on display! And unlike a tattoo, they get to take it off at the end of the day 😀 Great photography as well, you captured all the colour really well.

  4. These pictures are so awesome. I think my favorite (overall costume) is the third place one. Great outfit and great picture! I wasn’t able to go, but I recommended it to my sister (she lives in Daegu now) and she loved it. Thanks for the recommendation 😉

  5. Incredible! Of course, the art work is amazing, but the fact that a person can sit or stand pretty still for all those hours is impressive. WOW!

  6. These are unbelievable photos!! Festivals like this one are some of my favorite things about Korea. I wasn’t able to fit this one into my plans, so thank you for capturing it so beautifully for those of us that couldn’t attend!

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