Darangee Village Rice Terraces – Namhae, Korea

Namhae is such a great place to escape bustle of the city. Driving along the winding roads wasn’t my favorite thing, but I still really enjoyed the beautiful scenery even though I was a little bit nauseous! If you’re prone to motion sickness like I am, I highly recommend taking some medicine before driving around the island.

Namhae KoreaWe set out to find Darangee Village because they are supposed to be some incredibly beautiful rice terraces there. I learned about the rice terraces from an article by CNN Travel called “50 Beautiful Places to Visit in Korea.” The rice terraces are number 3 on the list and the featured photo is of a group of tourists watching and helping a farmer plant the rice, with the help of a ox. Really cool, right?

We had some difficulty finding the village. Initially, The address listed on the CNN Travel article was missing some information that our navigation system required. Thankfully, there were some signs along the way.

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Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak – Jeju Island, Korea

Saturday, September 8

Day 5 of Joni’s visit

Saturday was our first day on Jeju Island. We woke up at 4am to travel to the other side of the island to see the sunset. What we didn’t realize was that once we got there, we’d have to climb to the top of a dormant volcano to see the view. We sent Dave ahead and Joni and I took our time on the 8 bajillion steps to the top. None of us were prepared for a hike, Joni more so than the rest of us. She was wearing a long dress and sandals. Oh… and did I mention it was raining? Yep. All that work and we couldn’t even see the sunrise anyway.







Joni took a tumble. She was okay.