5 Foods I Can’t Wait to Eat in Texas

Tomorrow I’m making the long journey home to Texas for a two month long visit. I am so incredibly excited to see my friends and family. I am very lucky in that I get to travel home pretty frequently compared to most (about every 8-9 months), but it’s still hard to be away from “home” and the people I love for such long periods of time. Living abroad definitely takes its toll on a person.

This year I get to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years with my family, spend a long weekend in NYC with my best friend, see Justin Timberlake in concert and celebrate my Dad’s 60th birthday with him. Pretty amazing, right?

As well as missing people (who are definitely my top priority), I also miss other comforts of home… FOOD! Korean food is excellent and I have been making sure to fill up on it before my long trip home, but the food in Texas is hard to beat. Here are the top 5 things I’m looking forward to eating when I’m home.

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