Teaching in Korea: What to expect from the EPIK Orientation Dorm Room

During the spring 2011 EPIK orientation we were taken from Gimhae Airport to Pukyoung National University (PKNU) by bus. We were allowed to pick our own roommates so luckily I had befriended a really lovely American girl (also named Megan). 

The dorms at our orientation were really great! We each got our own beds and desks and EPIK gifted us a few things to make our stay more comfortable.

The view from our dorm room was incredible! We got a direct view of Busan’s famous Diamond Bridge. I couldn’t have asked for a better room or a better roommate. 

Gwanganli Diamond Bridge at Night | LifeOutsideOfTexas.com

Diamond Bridge at night (taken from our dorm room)

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