The Backpacker Chef – Pocket-Friendly Recipes For Backpackers Anywhere In The World

The Backpacker ChefThis week I asked Jacqui, author of The Backpacker Chef, to tell us a bit more about her new book. She has started a crowdfunder campaign to get her book published and she would love all of the help she can get. If you’re unfamiliar with crowdfunder campaigns, it’s a way for someone to raise money for a project with a little help from people like you and me. In this case, Jacqui needs to sell 1,000 pre-orders of her book (by September 7) in order for it to be published. If Jacqui is unable to reach her goal of 1,000 pre-orders, anyone who purchased a pre-order will get a full refund — no questions asked. If she does reach her goal, they’ll get an awesome book. Personally, I think any traveler (of places near or far) would get a lot of use out of having this at their disposal! I’ve already pre-ordered and I hope you will consider pre-ordering, too. Here’s a bit more information about why The Backpacker Chef is perfect for you.

The Backpacker Chef

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