Flat Crawl

Saturday, March 5

After a full week at our new apartments, the girls decided to have a “Flat Crawl.” All 6 of us met up and traveled to each of our apartments, or flats as my British friends call them (and since Megan and I are the only Americans, we are are outnumbered). This turned out to be a very long and exhausting day because we all live in different areas of Busan. It was so worth it though! After being attached at the hip for 8 days at orientation, it was great to get together again and see where everyone lives.

If you click on the subway map above, I have circled all of our stops in blue. You can see that none of us are super close to one another. We started with the furthest away first. Megan lives in a great area, but she is the furthest. From my apartment, it takes me at least 45 minutes by subway and then you have to catch a bus or taxi to her place. She has a super cute apartment with an amazing view of the ocean. She also treated us to some delicious Frago mints from Chicago! Yum yum yum!

Next, we took a bus from Megan’s to the Jagalchi Fish Market area. I won’t say much about the fish market now because it is definitely worthy of its own post. I will say that it’s amazing and like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

We walked around PIFF Square for a bit. That is a very famous part of Busan because that is where Korea’s annual International Film Festival is held. It’s also used several times per year to film movies.

I can’t remember the order of the flats we visited anymore, but it was a great time. I feel like I have 5 new sisters. These girls are amazing and I’m so glad that they are a part of my life in Korea!

2 thoughts on “Flat Crawl

  1. Gah! Ashley and I have been to the Jagalchi/PIFF area a couple times and it is easily one of my favorite areas of Busan so far. I am way jealous of Megan. Oh well. Anyway, sounds like one heck of an exhausting day!

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