A year in photos – Day 31

Tuesday, March 27


After school I met up with Jamie and Shanna for dinner. There aren’t many restaurant choices in our neighborhood. Basically, there’s the oven baked chicken place and 2 kimbap places. Kimbap looks a lot like a sushi roll. It’s rice, ham, crab, cucumber, pickled radish and egg rolled up in dried seaweed. There are several varieties available, but I don’t know much about it because I don’t like seaweed.

Kimbap places serve a large variety of foods. You can get soups, dumplings, stir fries and even fried pork cutlet. These places are cheap and fast.

This is what our favorite neighborhood kimbap place looks like from the inside. They are usually hole in the wall types of places…Jamie and Shanna actually walked right past it today and we have gone there several times. The menu is posted on the wall and it’s all in Korean so you either need know how to read Korean and have a basic knowledge of what various Korean foods are or go with someone who does.

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