Cherry Blossoms be a blossomin’


One of my favorite times of year in Korea is when the trees go from looking barren and dead to this…


A year in photos – Day 190


Sunday, September 2

A year in photos - Day 190

This was taken in Old Towntown Ulsan. I am always amused when I see people carrying things on their heads.

Hair Salon Lingo in Korea


Friday, August 31


I saw a hair salon around the corner from the Exordium Apartments where I live. The sign outside was modern and appeared to be English friendly so I had high hopes. I went in for a wash and a dry. The shop was staffed by mostly men. They seemed intimidated when I walked in. One man walked over to the counter and attempted to help me. When I told him what I wanted, he scurried off and went straight to another guy to try to get him to translate what I’d said. While he was away, I used Google Translate. When I showed him, a lightbulb went off… “Oh! Shampoo and dry!” Must remember that for next time.

The actual process was quite interesting. The curling iron was placed on the floor while it was being heated up. I just laughed it off, but I won’t go back. There are 10’s of hair shops in the few blocks surrounding the apartment.

A year in photos – Day 187


Thursday, August 30


I found a great little place to get my nails done near our apartment in Ulsan. The owner is so sweet. She even speaks English, which was a surprise because the sign was only in Korean. The shop is on the second floor so if I couldn’t read Korean, I never would have found such a wonderful nail shop. And did I mention she charts about $6.50?

A year in photos – Day 186


Wednesday, August 29


I have seen this ferris wheel tons of times, but it was always from afar. I finally saw it up close and my mind was blown when I found out its actually on top of the Lotte Department Store.

A year in photos – Day 185


Tuesday, August 28


There was a typhoon blowing through Korea on Tuesday so I had plenty of time to get some cooking done. It’s been nice to have the time and to have a kitchen big enough to really cook. I’ve been making a lot of very tasty and healthy meals. We have also been doing a lot of juicing. We found kale in the store here and now I have become obsessed with juicing it. We also both tried quinoa for the first time and it’s so yummy and very good for you!

A year in photos – Day 184


Monday, August 27


Dave brought this home on Monday. They were just given them at work. Talk about perfect timing!

When he gave it to me, I jokingly raised my voice and said, “Oh great! I’ve been living here for ONE DAY and you’re just now giving me this?!”

A year in photos – Day 176


Sunday, August 19


This is my building. I’ll never forget Hanavill. I had a lot of great memories there.

A year in photos – Day 175


Saturday, August 18


In this photo you can see part of my bedroom, my living room and part of my dining room. Yep. It’s a pretty small apartment, but it’s actually one of the bigger apartments in my building. I was pretty lucky to get the apartment I did.

A year in photos – Day 174


Friday, August 17


This is my kitchen. I only have one burner, but I am really lucky because my apartment came with an oven (it’s a toaster oven). I used it a lot and I’m so thankful for it. Not having an oven is actually one of the biggest complaints among teachers, I think.