A year in photos – Day 44

Monday, April 9


I have felt a cold coming on for the past few weeks and it finally hit while we were in Hong Kong. I took today off work so I could go to the doctor and get some rest.

I decided to go to the doctor that’s across the street from my apartment (top left). This is the same doctor that caused me to fail my drug test when I was trying to renew my contract. If you aren’t up to date, I had a cold a few days before my medical check for contract renewal and he gave me a shot of something pretty strong that I now refer to as a “pot shot.” That’s not what it was, but it caused a false positive for marijuana on my drug test.

The doctor doesn’t speak very much English. I told him my symptoms, he looked at my throat, gave me a “pot shot” and sent me on my way with a prescription.

I tried walking a bit further away to the pharmacy near my ear doctor (top right) because they speak a bit of English, but they didn’t have what I needed.

I went back to a pharmacy near my apartment (bottom left) and now I’m all set. Four and a half pills three times a day for the next three days. Hopefully it works! I haven’t had the best luck with doctors in Korea.

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