A year in photos – Day 53

Wednesday, April 18


Yesterday was field trip day. All of the students were gone so the kitchen was closed. The school ordered kimbap for everyone (super cheap sushi roll looking things). I don’t eat kimbap so I was really disappointed. JuHye offered to order some delivery for me.

Food delivery in Korea is so fascinating. It’s a big business. The meal comes to you on real plates and they bring you actual cutlery (none of that disposable stuff). They wrap it in plastic wrap, put it in a thermal box, strap it to their scooter and off they go. When you’re done with your meal, you put the dishes outside of the door and they come back later and pick it up.

That meal cost me 6,000 won (about $5.25 US). At the top are my side dishes — radish kimchi and pickled radishes, rice, miso soup, fried pork cutlet (돈까스)/salad/fruit, gravy.

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