A year in photos – Day 87

Tuesday, May 22


Tuesday was weird. I was greeted by several students as I left school (which is very normal), but this 5th grade girl stopped me to ask if I liked animals. When I said yes, she pulled a hamster out of her pocket (his name is Looney). I talked to her for a bit and then continued on my way.

I got a little farther from school and then noticed that this girl and her friend were following me. I had heard that students may try to follow you home, but for the past 15 months this has never been a problem for me.

As we crossed the street together, the girl said, “I’m your stalker.” I replied, “Yes, you are.” the girls had pretty good English so I didn’t mind the company. I was going by Domino’s to get a pizza on the way home so I thought I’d lose them there. I was wrong.

I went in to order my pizza and sat down. I saw that my students were still there… Waiting for me.

I went out to talk to them. While we waited, they put on a “musical” for me. It was really just them dancing, but it was cute.

Finally, my pizza came. When I asked them where they were going, they said “Meagan Teacher’s house.” Uh oh. I explained that they couldn’t come to my house, but they begged and said it would be a secret.

On the walk home I called Shanna and invited myself over. They walked with me all the way there and then told me they needed to come in because they were very thirsty. Then, one of the girls found 1,000 won on the ground (about $1) and gave it to me. I said they could have it to buy a drink because they were so thirsty. They were so excited and went skipping off arm in arm. Phew!

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