A year in photos – Day 110

Thursday, June 14


Thursday has been my worst day in Korea yet. As a result, this is the only picture I took all day. I took it right as I left my apartment.

Dave has a car which is both good and bad. The good part is that it easier for us to get places and see things, but parking can be a nightmare at times. We both thought that we were really lucky that the lot next door to my building is a paid parking lot. And they were much cheaper than the lot a few blocks away.

Recently, the lot started making some changes and now it’s not a parking lot anymore. They seem to be storing new cars there. The lot is always completely full. I took this picture to show Dave.

The reason why I didn’t take any pictures in the afternoon is because I was really upset because my co-teacher said some really awful things to me. Fortunately, it’s towards the end of the semester and we will only be teaching together for the next 5 weeks and then I’ll have a month long break before we have any classes together.

1 thought on “A year in photos – Day 110

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about this unkind event. I think you are so wonderful and brave and adventurous and beautiful. Hang in there.

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