A year in photos – Day 133

Saturday, July 7


On Friday night Dave and I flew up to Seoul for the weekend. We woke up really, really early on Saturday so we could go on a tour of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea.

We were able to go to the JSA (joint security area), walk through a tunnel that the North dug in the 1970’s to be able to enter the South undetected, and Dorasan Station which is the last train station in South Korea. If the North and South unify, they hope to expand the railway all of the way through to Europe.

I took this photo in the JSA while I was standing on the end of the room that is in North Korea. This is a South Korean soldier that was selected to be a guard in the JSA based on his height weight, intelligence and the fact that he is an expert in at least one form of martial arts. They must stay in this “ROK Ready” stance. They are so still that they look like statues.

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