A year in photos – Day 143

Tuesday, July 17


Tuesday was a weird. On Monday, I was told that all of my 6th grade classes were cancelled on Tuesday so I was so excited that I didn’t have to plan a lesson. Then, on Tuesday morning my co-teacher told me that I’d only have one class. I spent all morning scrambling to make a lesson. I finished just in time.

The lesson went well and I was happy to be finished, when more students started coming to the classroom. Apparently there was a big mixup so I actually taught two classes.

My 5th grade class was cancelled so I had the afternoon free. I spent it working on my summer camp.

Over the weekend, Dave covered paper towel tubes with shiny silver tape (what a great guy!) and on Tuesday I added ribbon to turn them into torches.

I also bought some dice that are actually erasers at Daiso (basically a dollar store). I covered them in the same shiny silver tape and turned them into LCR (Left, Center, Right) die so I can play with my students during camp. For chips, I bought a mini set of poker chips. I made 4 sets of dice for just over a $1 each.

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