A year in photos – Day 146

Friday, July 20


Today was a pretty good day. My coteachers and I all did last minute touches on English camp things and then the teachers and staff at my school all went to lunch. We had Korean BBQ and there was so much food! We could have easily fed 6 people with the amount of food they brought our table of 4.

Afterwards, I caught a ride to the train station from another teacher. I got to the train station earlier than I anticipated and it was just in time to catch the next train. As I was waiting for my train, I met this woman. She sat down next to me and started telling me (in Korean) about the headband she’s holding in the picture. She said it was beautiful and I’m pretty sure she said it was 4,000 won, but she got it for 2,000. I told her (in Korean) “Beautiful. This.” and mimicked taking a picture with my hands. She dug the headband back out of her purse and posed for my picture.

Obviously my amazing ability to say 2 words in Korean impressed her because she then carried on a conversation with me in full Korean. I had no idea what she was saying so when I thought it fit into what she was staying, I’d use my limited Korean to say things like “American” and “English teacher.” There were lots of shoulder shrugs, pretend to be understanding head nods and a few thumbs up.

I did understand a bit of what she was saying. But only words here and there. Even though it was a bit awkward, I enjoy moments like that. They are quirky and it’s just part of the Korea experience.

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