A year in photos – Day 150

Tuesday, July 24


It’s funny how instinctual this pose is here.

School is out for summer, but the public schools put on summer camps so I’m teaching English classes all week.

My 1st and 2nd graders were confused about where they were supposed to sit so I went around to take pictures of the students in their assigned seats. These girls went from normal to “Kimchi!” in the 2 seconds it took for me to snap their picture.

Note: They say “Kimchi!” when taking pictures instead of “Cheese!” like we do.

2 thoughts on “A year in photos – Day 150

  1. Does Kimchi mean cheese? And are the kids doing the peace sign – as we mean it in the USA?

    So good to see you are happy, girl!


    • Hi, Mary! So good to hear from you. Yep… “Kimchi!” means cheese and apparently is also the peace sign pose as well. Not sure it really has much of a meaning. Just a pose for pictures.

      My oldest brother is getting married in October so I’ll be home for a bit. I’ll be staying with my other brother and he actually lives in your neighborhood. Let’s meet up and walk the neighborhood or something while I’m back.

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