A year in photos – Day 157

Tuesday, July 31


I am on vacation this week so I’m staying in Ulsan for a few days. I spent all day Tuesday being very domesticated. I cooked. I cleaned. I did laundry.

While I’ve been here, I’ve been making breakfasts for Dave to warm up in the mornings and I’ve packed him lunch and cooked dinner. It makes me feel better because I’ve been worried that he hasn’t been eating enough, especially now that he’s been running every day.

I finally got a chance to make him his birthday cake, too. It’s a chocolate cake (thanks to my awesome birthday care package from my family) with a layer of icing and Tim Tams on top and in the center. It was a big hit!

2 thoughts on “A year in photos – Day 157

  1. Hi Meagan, that cake looks delicious. I love the Tim Tam crumble topping 🙂 I am one of Dave’s mum’s “bush weeding” friends. I am so glad she told me about your blog as I have been really loving reading about your kids at school and your life in South Korea. I have shared your post about the treasure hunt with a friend who was looking for treasure hunt ideas and your pic of the foot-massage stones with my brother who is a podiatrist! Thanks for the glimpse into your life, Cath.

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