A year in photos – Day 182

Saturday, August 25

I am 6 months into my “A year in photos” project. I’m really happy I started doing it.

On Saturday morning, Dave and I headed to Fukuoka, Japan for the weekend. When I went through immigration I had to hand over my Alien Registration Card. The immigration officer didn’t understand what I meant until I said “finished.” I expected there to be more to it, but he just kept it and I walked on through.

We didn’t have a lot of time in Japan. The main purpose was for me to change my visa from a working visa to a tourist visa and you have to leave the country to do that. Our hotel was right next to a giant mall so we walked around the mall quite a bit and did a lot of relaxing. It was a nice weekend. During our shopping I was only disappointed once. It was when Dave wouldn’t let me buy McLovin’ the muscle man.

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