A year in photos – Day 183

Sunday, August 26

If I was back home, I probably wouldn’t have thought much about seeing this, but it was pretty cool to see bins from Seguin, TX all the way in Japan. Not only am I from Texas, but my paternal grandfather is from (and currently lives in) Seguin. Our family name is on some buildings there and my grandfather can tell you the history of the entire town pretty much.

And before we move on from this picture, what’s up with that guy’s creepy Chucky shirt?

I was nervous to leave Japan on Sunday. I was worried I’d have difficulties getting back into Korea on a tourist visa so soon after cancelling my E2 teaching visa. I felt so naked because I didn’t have my ARC (alien registration card) anymore. Luckily for me, it was surprisingly easy to get into the country. It wasn’t any more difficult for me to enter than Dave and he has an ARC. I’m going to be doing a lot of coming and going so I hope each trip is just as easy.

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