Hair Salon Lingo in Korea

Friday, August 31


I saw a hair salon around the corner from the Exordium Apartments where I live. The sign outside was modern and appeared to be English friendly so I had high hopes. I went in for a wash and a dry. The shop was staffed by mostly men. They seemed intimidated when I walked in. One man walked over to the counter and attempted to help me. When I told him what I wanted, he scurried off and went straight to another guy to try to get him to translate what I’d said. While he was away, I used Google Translate. When I showed him, a lightbulb went off… “Oh! Shampoo and dry!” Must remember that for next time.

The actual process was quite interesting. The curling iron was placed on the floor while it was being heated up. I just laughed it off, but I won’t go back. There are 10’s of hair shops in the few blocks surrounding the apartment.

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