Trick Art Museum – Jeju Island, South Korea

Monday, September 10

Day 7

Our last day on Jeju Island was a busy one. We knocked out two “theme parks” in one day. First, we went to the Trick Art Museum. It’s a great little place where you can become part of the art. I went to an exhibit when I first got to Busan back in February 2011 (click HERE for the photos from that trip) and Joni loved my photos so I knew if she ever visited I’d have to take her to the permanent museum they have on Jeju.

After the Trick Art Museum, we went to Locadio World. It’s a place where you can play dress up! I think it’s basically a TV show museum and they have different sets and allow you to dress up and take photos. You walk yourself through so we just kind of had to figure it all out as we went along. After the Korean section, they have an international section, too. It was a lot of fun!

If you click on the first photo, you can easily scroll through the entire set. Or you can click on photos individually.

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