A year in photos – Day 197

I’m baaaaaaaaack!

Sorry (again) for the delay. My photos from Joni’s trip, Texas, Hawaii and everything after are spread out between two phones and about 5 memory cards from 2 different cameras. I think I’ve finally gotten all of my photos on my computer and organized so… it’s time to tell you about Day 6 of my dear friend Joni’s visit to South Korea.

Sunday, September 9

Day 6

If you’re easily offended (or at work right now), you may want to skip this post.

I would consider Korea to be a pretty conservative country. Teenage pregnancies aren’t rarely heard of here, showing cleavage is a huge taboo and some people even get offended by women wearing tank tops or smoking in public. That’s why it’s so surprising to know that Korea has not one, but several “theme parks” dedicated to… sex. Jeju Island is the home of Loveland, Korea’s most famous sex themed theme park. It’s full of large statues and works of art that are X rated.

Before I put up the pictures of Loveland, I’ll post pics of our “Happy Hour” that we had at the hotel afterwards.

We were lucky enough to be able to access the free happy hour at the hotel so that meant we could enjoy the view and enjoy complimentary drinks and dessert. We all sat around and chatted, and Joni was finally able to challenge Dave to a game of chess.

After happy hour was over, we went downstairs to have a few more drinks. As it turns out, the hotel had a drink of the month and if you ordered that drink, you got a free stuffed dinosaur. It was actually pretty funny because at first we didn’t know why they were bringing us stuffed animals with our drinks. We had to ask. But the drinks were fruity and delicious and as you can see, we enjoyed several of them. 😉

If you’d like to continue to the risqué part of this blog post, click to continue.

I tried to keep the photos I posted to my blog as clean as possible. This park is hilarious. It’s funny to walk around and see everyone having a giggle.

As always, click on any photo to see the full size image.

Apparently this is how Americans do it…

The look on Joni’s face is priceless!

Yes, water will come out of these if you turn them on.

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