Art Village in Namhae, South Korea

After our stay at the Hi Class Pension in Namhae, we had breakfast at the Hilton and then set out for some sightseeing. If we hadn’t been going to the Hilton, we might have never noticed the art village, but we are so glad that we stumbled across it.

Namhae Korea Art Village

Can you spot the Hilton in the background?

Namhae Island is a really rural area full of rice and garlic fields. As we pulled out of the Hilton, we spotted a mural of The Simpsons.

Namhae Korea Art Village

I decided I wanted to explore further so we drove up the narrow street through the village.

Namhae Korea Art Village

The families in this village are very clearly farmers.

Namhae Korea Art Village

Namhae Korea Art Village

Namhae Korea Art Village

It was interesting to see the farming culture so alive in their art.

Namhae Korea Art Village

Namhae Korea Art Village

Namhae Korea Art Village

It was such a nice little drive and I absolutely loved seeing all of the beautiful murals.

Namhae Korea Art Village Namhae Korea Art Village Namhae Korea Art Village Namhae Korea Art Village Namhae Korea Art Village Namhae Korea Art Village Namhae Korea Art Village

I wish that I could speak Korean because I want so badly to know the story behind the murals, but I’m afraid it will forever remain a mystery to me.

Address: 501-2 Deokweol-ri, Nam-myeon, Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

12 thoughts on “Art Village in Namhae, South Korea

  1. Hi Meagan!
    Curious as to how to made a reservation at Hi Class? My husband & I are looking to go next wekeend and were wondering if our broken Korean over the phone would work.

    • We booked over the phone. It took two tries though. The first time we were told that they don’t speak English. The second time we reached someone willing to help. My boyfriend booked and he doesn’t speak much Korean so you should be fine. I wrote a review about our time at Hi Class that might be helpful if you haven’t already read it, you can click here.

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  3. This seems like a really nice little place. I like when communities treat their living spaces as a canvas. Have you seen many other murals in Korea?

  4. I must know the story! haha I must go there and use my Korean skills to find out why they painted Simpsons character on their walls!! 😛 A great find in Namhae i’ve never heard of. I assume people can only get there by car?

    This seems common here though, painting random murals on the walls. Not super common but there are several unique places that do this just in our province!

  5. I disagree. Sometimes knowing the true story behind something is disappointing. You’d probably get an answer like, “because we like the Simpsons” or “the artist saw it on TV one day.” Some things are best left to the imagination. It’s like seeing your favorite book made into a, a made for TV movie. Yuck!

    Or maybe the back story is really cool. I don’t know.

    Your pictures, like always, are awesome. I feel like I was there.

  6. Looks like a cute little place! It reminds me of the Minaritgil (미나릿길) in Cheonan, which was nice to have a stroll around, although the setting of Namhae’s art village is undoubtedly more beautiful. I like the two birds the best.

  7. Awesome artwork! I love finding little surprises and bits of hidden beauty in new places. With all the flowers and nature-related works, the Simpsons seem to stick out a bit haha.

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