Say WHAT?!

As an elementary school teacher in South Korea, I was often shocked at some of the clothes my students would wear. Curse words or obscenities didn’t bother anyone!

I asked some of my teacher friends if they had any examples of kids wearing messed up stuff to school and my friend Jenny sent me this.

funny English clothes Korea


Can you guess what it says?

That’s right! Marijuana Picker! And yep, that’s a giant pot leaf. This one isn’t just a shirt that she wears a couple times a month either. This is her fall jacket. Amazing, isn’t it? Say WHAT?!

funny English clothes Korea

1 thought on “Say WHAT?!

  1. Hahaha. Nice post. I love the “Say What?” idea. You are never going to run out of material in Korea. If I had a photo of every ridiculous T-shirt, hat, and jacket I’ve ever seen here…wow. Fertile ground. Keep them coming.

    I have own “WTF” album on facebook with random stuff I find: package labels, shop signs, restaurant menus. May have to move them over to the blog because some of them just need to be shared.

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