Cherry Blossoms be a blossomin’


One of my favorite times of year in Korea is when the trees go from looking barren and dead to this…


I’m baaaack!

Hey, y’all! I’m finally back in Korea after what felt like the longest day of travel in my life! I woke up two days before my flight with a pretty nasty sinus infection.

All I wanted to do today was rest up, but it’s our day for the cleaners to come. Dave, being the awesome guy that he is, made signs this morning and taped them to the bedroom door.

I have so many things I want to blog about, but I have been so busy doing said things that it doesn’t leave me with a lot of time to blog. Please be patient while I get healthy and then I will get this thing back up and running.


Busan for the weekend


This weekend we had a going away party for 3 of my teacher friends that leave Korea in a few weeks. I took the train from Ulsan to Busan on Friday afternoon. The weather was really crappy, but I enjoyed the view on the train when we approached Busan. The wind was really strong and there were actually waves in the sea. You just don’t see that here. I took several photos, but I liked this one with a bit of the Busan skyline in the background.

A year in photos – Day 187


Thursday, August 30


I found a great little place to get my nails done near our apartment in Ulsan. The owner is so sweet. She even speaks English, which was a surprise because the sign was only in Korean. The shop is on the second floor so if I couldn’t read Korean, I never would have found such a wonderful nail shop. And did I mention she charts about $6.50?

Gangnam Style

Sorry I’m behind on my blog. I have been really busy packing and cleaning. I will update soon.

I wanted to post something to keep you entertained so I thought I’d leave you with a music video. This song is Korea’s big hit of the summer. I have been hearing lots of buzz about it, but today I finally watched the music video. It’s odd and funny and very Korean… enjoy.

Christmas Cookies

December 10, 2011

I threw a Christmas cookie baking party at my apartment. Baking in Korea is a challenge because ovens aren’t common in the officetel type apartments that most of the English teachers live in. I have a toaster oven and even that is a luxury.

It’s also really difficult to get baking supplies. I had to go to the baking store in Nampo-dong (about 45 minutes each way by subway) ┬ájust to find vanilla extract. It was all worth it though because the day was a lot of fun and the cookies were tasty.

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Thanksgiving in Korea Part 2

… and the other was a small gathering at my apartment on actual Thanksgiving.

Jamie, Shanna, Xong, Yangyee and Faith came over after work and we had a nice meal together. If I was going to be away for Thanksgiving, I was happy to be with my Busan family.

Our drink selections included Pepsi, water, Fanta and soju.

Thanksgiving dinner

Shanna was proud of her Costco ham.

Faith brought rolls (and salad).

Yummy desserts! Pumpkin pie and cheesecake

So good!