A year in photos – Day 9

Monday, March 5


Today was the first day of classes for the school year. I got a schedule at the end of the day on Friday and on that schedule it said I teach 5th grade on Mondays. Even though neither of my new co-teachers had spoken to me directly, I assumed that’s what I’d be doing today.

When I got to class, my co-teacher explained that she forgot to tell me that she was going to be teaching alone this week. As I was walking back to the office I just had to shrug my shoulders and laugh. That’s how life as an English teacher goes here.

I have spent the rest of the day doing what we guest English teachers in Korea like to call “desk warming.” I actually had a bit of work to be done at my desk so it wasn’t so bad, but it’ll definitely be an interesting week as I’ve just learned that my schedule is being changed yet again.

Today’s photo is just something I spotted after lunch. Apparently the back of my school is where desks go to die.

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