A year in photos – Day 16

Monday, March 12

Student Elections

I forgot how cute the 6th graders are during student elections time. They get their friends together, make campaign posters and march around the front of the school. Today, as I walked into school, this group of boys made sure I knew to vote for #4 (I don’t even get a vote). Later, when I stepped back outside to take more photos, these girls ran over with their signs. So today you get two photos because I couldn’t pick just one.

The boy in the center is running (obviously). Update: He won the election.

The girl on the left is running. You can also see some of the campaigning madness in the background.

A year in photos – Day 15


Sunday, March 11


Tonight I ordered a Gorgonzola pizza for dinner. It was a bit of a surprise when it came out topped with potato chips.

A year in photos – Day 14


Saturday, March 10


I took this photo today at Woobang Tower Land in Daegu. I went on a road trip with Dave, Shanna and Jamie (the duo has been affectionately named Shamie). We were going to eat in the revolving restaurant in the tower, but as it turns out, no one was in the mood for robster.

A year in photos – Day 13


Friday, March 9


If you’re ever out and about in Korea and are in desperate need of a pair of socks, don’t worry! Socks are sold EVERYWHERE! This truck is parked across the street from my apartment quite often.

A year in photos – Day 12

Thursday, March 8

I got this amazing care package in the mail today from Ashleigh. It was so thoughtful. I knew she was going to send Girl Scout Cookies, but the rest was a complete surprise. I absolutely love it!

A year in photos – Day 11


Wednesday, March 7


I get instant messages (in Korean) on my work computer all day long. I usually translate them because I’ve found it’s the best way to stay informed. The translations are really butchered, but I can usually tell what’s important and what isn’t.

Today I found this gem waiting for me when I got back from lunch…. Apparently only 8 out of 10 Koreans fart. Who would have known? Haha

A year in photos – Day 10


Tuesday, March 6


Today was a bit stressful for me. My teaching schedule keeps getting changed. The changes wouldn’t be that big of a deal except I’m now expected to turn in lesson plans to the vice principal for a class that I have no idea how to teach and I’m not getting much support from my co-teacher.

I am fortunate enough to have amazing friends and a fantastic boyfriend. I had to cancel going to Costco with the girls tonight because I was feeling overwhelmed by work stuff. Dave offered to come down to Busan a night early because I was having a rough day. I picked up this cake on the way home as a thank you for coming down.

Jamie called me after she got back from Costco. She had picked up a chicken bake for me. So sweet.

A year in photos – Day 9


Monday, March 5


Today was the first day of classes for the school year. I got a schedule at the end of the day on Friday and on that schedule it said I teach 5th grade on Mondays. Even though neither of my new co-teachers had spoken to me directly, I assumed that’s what I’d be doing today.

When I got to class, my co-teacher explained that she forgot to tell me that she was going to be teaching alone this week. As I was walking back to the office I just had to shrug my shoulders and laugh. That’s how life as an English teacher goes here.

I have spent the rest of the day doing what we guest English teachers in Korea like to call “desk warming.” I actually had a bit of work to be done at my desk so it wasn’t so bad, but it’ll definitely be an interesting week as I’ve just learned that my schedule is being changed yet again.

Today’s photo is just something I spotted after lunch. Apparently the back of my school is where desks go to die.

A year in photos – Day 8


Sunday, March 4


Why do the weekends go by so fast? I really enjoyed the past few days and I’m somewhat dreading getting back to reality. These past few weeks have been so nice.

Dave and I stopped into the Caffe Bene near my apartment for a waffle and gelato. It was a nice way to end the weekend.

A year in photos – Day 7


Saturday, March 3


The weather wasn’t great today, but Dave gave me a tour of the industrial side of Ulsan. It was nice to see where he works. During the tour there was a shift change at the Hyundai ship yard and there were fleets of scooters at every gate. It was so funny seeing the scooter gangs driving down the street.