Our Favorite Travel Photos: 10 bloggers share the stories behind their favorite travel photos

Geisha Maiko in Gion Kyoto, Japan

I’ve taken thousands of photos in really amazing places, but this one is my absolute favorite. I realized this as I was going through some of my photos and came to this one. As soon as I saw it, I filled with joy and pride and I could remember the exact moment that I took it.

Dave and I were on a trip with his parents in Kyoto. We split up with them for a bit because I wanted to head to Gion to see the geisha and maiko. We spotted this gorgeous maiko in an alley just behind the old famous geisha school in Gion. We had been perched there for ages, waiting patiently, as if we were stalking our prey. We spotted her from a ways back and tried to contain our excitement so that we could get a photo before the other tourists could block our shot. She walked expressionless and looked into my camera as I took her photo. Out of all of the places I have been, this moment and this photo is by far my favorite.

I got so inspired after seeing this photo that I decided to ask my blogger friends what their favorite travel photo is. Here are the results… Continue reading

Leg room!


I am headed home to Dallas. I was able to score an exit row seat so I have lots of leg room! Should help make this 13 or so hour flight a little more enjoyable.

A year in photos – Day 306

Thursday, December 27

There is a nature reserve attached to our hotel. The reserve takes in orphan orangutans and helps rehabilitate them. The orangutans are fed every day at 10am and 2pm. We signed up for the 2pm feeding. The reserve is in the jungle so you have to douse yourself in bug spray and wear long pants. It was such a hot day today, too. I’m not sure what the temp was, but I know the heat index was about 100 degrees. The walk wasn’t too long, about 10 minutes, up a few sets of stairs.

We waited and waited, but the orangutans never showed up for the feeding. We kept getting our hopes up when we would hear rustling in the trees, but the ranger told us that that was just monkeys. The ranger told us that if the orangutans didn’t come that he would get the baby orangutans from the nursery. I wasn’t too bothered by the orangutans never showing up because the babies were sooooooo cute!

They ate and played and were so much fun to watch. Eventually, the Macaque monkeys made their way closer and closer to the feeding platform. The ranger stepped away for a minute and the monkeys took advantage and swept in to steal some food. The baby orangutans were terrified and one ran off. When the ranger brought him back, he was clinging to his leg. The ranger couldn’t get him to let go. He would try to get him to hang on the ropes and the orangutan went right back to climbing up the ranger and clinging his arms around his neck.

The whole experience was really great and we are so happy we did it. This vacation has been incredible and I’m sad that the end is quickly approaching.

Photo credits go to Dave. Didn’t he do a good job?

A year in photos – Day 305

Wednesday, December 26

Our view from breakfast.


A year in photos – Day 304

Tuesday, December 25

Santa came to visit us at the resort!


A year in photos – Day 303

Monday, December 24

I miss my family, but this isn’t a bad way to spend Christmas Eve….


A year in photos – Day 302

Sunday, December 23

We made it to the mystery trip destination! We are in Malaysia on the island of Borneo at a BEAUTIFUL resort. It’s raining at the moment, but that’s okay. It’s still paradise.

I took a photo last night at the airport that I thought was funny. I’m sure it’s a serious thing for Malaysians, but couldn’t they come up with a better name than Yellow Fever?


A year in photos – Day 301

Saturday, December 22

Dave has planned a MYSTERY TRIP for us for Christmas. I am on a plane and I do not know where it’s headed. Fun, isn’t it? I had him take this photo of me with my ticket. So all of you know where I’m headed and I still don’t. 🙂


A year in photos – Day 93


Monday, May 28

A year in photos - Day 93

I was so fascinated by these cans of Asahi. They were soooo tiny and adorable. They were only 135ml… about 4.5 ounces (for my American readers).

Monday was our last day in Tokyo. Dave and I were both off work because Korea was celebrating Buddha’s birthday. It was a good trip and we are hoping to go back again before we leave Korea next year.

A year in photos – Day 92


Sunday, May 27


One thing I liked about Japan was seeing Yu Darvish all over the place… Especially the cover of this magazine that shows him in his Rangers uniform.