A year in photos – Day 176


Sunday, August 19


This is my building. I’ll never forget Hanavill. I had a lot of great memories there.

A year in photos – Day 175


Saturday, August 18


In this photo you can see part of my bedroom, my living room and part of my dining room. Yep. It’s a pretty small apartment, but it’s actually one of the bigger apartments in my building. I was pretty lucky to get the apartment I did.

A year in photos – Day 174


Friday, August 17


This is my kitchen. I only have one burner, but I am really lucky because my apartment came with an oven (it’s a toaster oven). I used it a lot and I’m so thankful for it. Not having an oven is actually one of the biggest complaints among teachers, I think.

A year in photos – Day 173


Thursday, August 16


I realize that in a year and a half I’ve never shared pictures of my apartment. The next few blog posts will be a little tour of my place.

This is my bathroom. It may not seem like much, but I’m actually really fortunate to have my bathroom set up like this. A lot of teacher apartments just have shower heads attached to the wall over their bathroom sink. My shower is somewhat separate.