Korean Cooking: Baby Back Rib Stew (돼지 등갈비찜)

Korean Recipe: Baby Back Rib Stew (돼지 등갈비찜) by LifeOutsideofTexa... #korea #koreanfood #recipe

A few weeks ago at cooking class we learned how to make an amazing rib dish. I’ve never really been a big fan of ribs, but this completely changed my mind. They were tender and full of flavor. I can honestly say that it’s my favorite thing we have made at cooking class.

Here’s the recipe so you can all try cooking them at home! Continue reading

Ups and Downs

I went to the doctor again today and he said the graft on my ear looks better than yesterday. He has a camera hooked up to where you can see inside of your ear on a monitor on the wall. He had me look yesterday and it was obviously very pink and inflamed and today you could tell it wasn’t as irritated. He said it was turning back to white, which is good.

He’s really nice. He said, “During the recovery process there will be ups and downs. The past few days we experienced some downs, but we’re working through them.” I go back again tomorrow and probably Monday too.

Afterwards I went to my favorite neighborhood restaurant. It’s a small hole in the wall kinda place. It’s the Korean version of fast food restaurant (no drive thru, but they do deliver). The most expensive thing on the menu is 5,500 ₩ which is just over $5. That is a sweet potato and cheese stuffed fried pork cutlet. It’s much better than it probably sounds. Today, I got 제육덮밥 (jae-yook-dup-bap).  It’s basically stir fried pork and veggies in a red sauce that’s a little bit spicy served with rice. It also comes with miso soup and a tray of side dishes. Every Korean meal comes with side dishes. Today’s sides at the restaurant were kimchi, some kind of potato/macaroni salad thing, fish cakes, and dried anchovies mixed with some sort of green veggie. All that for 4,000 ₩ (about $3.50).

I had to go to a cheap place because I am skint (my new English word for broke). After what I spent today, I only have 1,315 ₩ (less than $1) in my bank account. Thank goodness tomorrow is payday!