Why I Quit My EPIK Job


Sunday, August 12

quitting EPIK

Many of you don’t know this… I have turned in my resignation letter to my school. I have decided to quit teaching 6 months early. My last day of my contract is now August 25, instead of February 25.

I requested to take a week of unpaid leave so that I could go home for my brother’s wedding in October. My school declined my request and said that even Korean teachers can’t take a week off during the school year. I understand their point, but I’m only a co-teacher so my classes would be covered.

I am under contract, but my contract states that it can be cancelled if I give two months notice. I turned in my resignation letter at the end of June and my co-teacher seemed surprised. Did they really think I was going to miss my brother’s wedding?

There’s no penalty for leaving if you stay 6 months into your contract, but I will miss out on some of my completion bonuses. The pension system here has helped me a lot because in late September I will get back what I contributed and the school matches it.

I am not going back to the States until the wedding and I’ll be there for a few weeks. After that, I’m coming back to Korea until Dave finishes his job here. This time I’ll be living in Ulsan.

I’ll still be posting photos of all of my adventures and they should be more frequent since I’ll have a bit more free time.