Say WHAT?!

My dear friends Mendi and Melissa are visiting me in Korea. We have been having a great time wandering around my neighborhood. We saw some AMAZING things, but it wasn’t until the end of the night that we saw something that made us speechless. But Melissa still managed to pose for a photo…

Engrish Mustache Rides

Say WHAT?!

Street Food

This picture is of a street food vendor near my apartment. She is making hoddeok, which is my absolute favorite street food in Korea. It’s kind of like a pancake stuffed with cinnamon, sugar and seeds and then fried. So fattening, but so delicious!

Her cart also sold fish cakes on a stick and silkworm larvae, which you can see in the photo below.


A year in photos – Days 295-300

I have been trying to get my blog caught up because we are going on vacation! I want to try to post pics every day while we are away so I knew that I needed to get my blog up to date. I’m happy that I’ve actually done it!!

December 16 – 21

Days 295-300


A year in photos – Days 288-294

December 9 – 15

Days 288-294


A year in photos – Day 200

Wednesday, September 12

Day 9

We spent most of the day relaxing. It was Joni’s last day in Korea. We did venture out a few times that day. We got our nails done one last time and Joni finally tried 팥빙수 (patbingsu), a popular dessert shaved ice and red bean dessert that Koreans eat during the summer months.

A year in photos – Day 192

Tuesday, September 4

Day 1

Joni’s first day in Korea was pretty busy!

We walked around in Old Downtown (near the apartment) and bought some new glasses.

We went and ate some spicy chicken fried rice (which Joni loved).

We got our nails done.

We went to a norebang (Karaoke room).

We went to a Korean photo booth.

And finally, we had dinner in Busan near the Diamond Bridge.

As always, click on any photo to see it BIG SIZE.

A year in photos – Day 190


Sunday, September 2

A year in photos - Day 190

This was taken in Old Towntown Ulsan. I am always amused when I see people carrying things on their heads.


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I have been a TERRIBLE blogger lately, but I just found this blog that my friend posted about my birthday. I thought you all might enjoy reading it since I never got around to blogging about my birthday (in May).

A year in photos – Day 158


Wednesday, August 1


I spent the better part of my day wandering around Dave’s neighborhood. He lives in the “old downtown” area of Ulsan so there are lots of shops, restaurants, bars and markets. I mentally bookmarked a lot of places for later explorations.

One of my favorite finds was this shop called Funny Love. They specialize in matching outfits for couples and families. Young couples all across Korea wear matching clothes and I always enjoy spotting “same sames.” I’m sure there are others, but this is the first store I’ve seen that only sells matching clothes.