Saying Goodbye


It’s my last week of school and this week I will be saying goodbye to all of my students. Actually, all of them except 3rd and 1st grades. I don’t teach them this week. Today I had 6th grade, tomorrow is 5th grade, Thursday is 4th grade and Friday is 2nd grade. After that, I’m completely done. It feels so weird. I’m excited and sad at the same time.

Because I’m still not prepared to post any Picture of the Day posts that I missed, I’m going to leave you with another edition of Gangnam Style. This time, it’s PSY (the male singer) and Hyuna (the woman from the music video). I promise to catch up on posts as soon as possible AND next week I will post a video of my apartment to make up for making you all wait. Thanks for being so patient!

Why I Quit My EPIK Job


Sunday, August 12

quitting EPIK

Many of you don’t know this… I have turned in my resignation letter to my school. I have decided to quit teaching 6 months early. My last day of my contract is now August 25, instead of February 25.

I requested to take a week of unpaid leave so that I could go home for my brother’s wedding in October. My school declined my request and said that even Korean teachers can’t take a week off during the school year. I understand their point, but I’m only a co-teacher so my classes would be covered.

I am under contract, but my contract states that it can be cancelled if I give two months notice. I turned in my resignation letter at the end of June and my co-teacher seemed surprised. Did they really think I was going to miss my brother’s wedding?

There’s no penalty for leaving if you stay 6 months into your contract, but I will miss out on some of my completion bonuses. The pension system here has helped me a lot because in late September I will get back what I contributed and the school matches it.

I am not going back to the States until the wedding and I’ll be there for a few weeks. After that, I’m coming back to Korea until Dave finishes his job here. This time I’ll be living in Ulsan.

I’ll still be posting photos of all of my adventures and they should be more frequent since I’ll have a bit more free time.

A year in photos – Day 167


Friday, August 10


Camp is over. Hallelujah!

Friday was tough. First, I taught low level 3rd and 4th graders (see the top photo) for two hours. The class would have been fantastic if it wasn’t for the twin boys. Their level was so low and their attitudes were really bad. I literally had to keep holding one of them back because he kept getting out of his chair every two minutes to beat up the boy in the top right of the photo. He even picked up a chair at one point.

Next, I had my regular 5th & 6th grade class for two hours. That age is a bit harder because the girls and boys don’t want to have anything to do with one another and the girls get really quiet. Also, I had one of the biggest 6th grade trouble makers my class. He’s not in the picture because he left early.

Overall, camp went pretty well. And I’m sooooo glad it’s over.

A year in photos – Day 166


Thursday, August 9


Camp is almost over! I’m so excited. Today was my last day to teach my low level 5th and 6th grade class.

I really enjoyed this class. They were always really enthusiastic and excited about class.

A year in photos – Day 153


Friday, July 27

A year in photos - Day 153

Friday marked the end of my first week of summer camp. Finishing the first week was a great feeling because camp is my least favorite time of the semester. It’s fun for the kids, but it takes a lot of work and usually stresses me out.

I did an Olympics theme and on Friday I gave all of the students medals. They all had a really good week so I think that means it was a success.

A year in photos – Day 152


Thursday, July 26


Today was camp day four. The past two days of camp have been really tiring. I have 3rd grade for 40 minutes, 1st & 2nd graders for 40 minutes and then I teach 4th grade for 80 minutes.

My 4th graders are exhausting. They are just so blah about camp and it’s hard to get them to be enthusiastic about anything. Even at break time, they’d rather watch Tom & Jerry than go run around the halls.

A year in photos – Day 150


Tuesday, July 24


It’s funny how instinctual this pose is here.

School is out for summer, but the public schools put on summer camps so I’m teaching English classes all week.

My 1st and 2nd graders were confused about where they were supposed to sit so I went around to take pictures of the students in their assigned seats. These girls went from normal to “Kimchi!” in the 2 seconds it took for me to snap their picture.

Note: They say “Kimchi!” when taking pictures instead of “Cheese!” like we do.

A year in photos – Day 143


Tuesday, July 17


Tuesday was a weird. On Monday, I was told that all of my 6th grade classes were cancelled on Tuesday so I was so excited that I didn’t have to plan a lesson. Then, on Tuesday morning my co-teacher told me that I’d only have one class. I spent all morning scrambling to make a lesson. I finished just in time.

The lesson went well and I was happy to be finished, when more students started coming to the classroom. Apparently there was a big mixup so I actually taught two classes.

My 5th grade class was cancelled so I had the afternoon free. I spent it working on my summer camp.

Over the weekend, Dave covered paper towel tubes with shiny silver tape (what a great guy!) and on Tuesday I added ribbon to turn them into torches.

I also bought some dice that are actually erasers at Daiso (basically a dollar store). I covered them in the same shiny silver tape and turned them into LCR (Left, Center, Right) die so I can play with my students during camp. For chips, I bought a mini set of poker chips. I made 4 sets of dice for just over a $1 each.

A year in photos – Day 140


Saturday, July 14


I’m doing an Olympics theme for my English summer camp this year. Dave found these amazing medals online. The kids are going to be so excited. I was so excited that I made Dave wear all 99 of them at the same time.

A year in photos – Day 139


Friday, July 13


I had my last after school class today. The boys got their Flat Stanley letters from Ben in New York and Eamon in Ireland. They were both English teachers in Busan last year and I enlisted them to help me out with my project.

The students really loved the letters and wouldn’t stop raving about how handsome they thought they are. It was really funny. I’m glad they enjoyed their letters.